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Necklaces for mothers

There is no better feeling for a mother that her daughter wants to be like her. At euricabcn we feel the same. Therefor, Yurika designs her necklaces for mommies taking into consideration a matching piece for you and your little one. Find the perfect necklace for you and your daughter among our matching collections. What´s more, our design for mothers, can be use, as a gift, a birthday, on mothers´ day or when you´d like to spoil yourself.


¿Why buy moms necklaces?

Being mother dos not mean that you cannot feal pretty, therefor at eurica we hace beautiful women necklaces at an affordable price, so you can feel beautiful without expending less, because our priority are our children. Look among our exclusive designs that item that will make you feel pretty every day. Plus you can shar that feeling with your daughter.

Enjoy your shopping!

In addition to mommies necklaces, we have:


Since your little one is born until she gets old you want her to fell special, and there is no better way than sharing the taste for beauty and style.

Girls necklaces

Necklaces for girls


Dress your ears with our designs with minimal and delicate style, allowing you to wear any look, from casual to formal. !According to your daily mood!

women earrings

matching earrings for girls and their moms


Dress the simple elegance that eurica propose you. You will get the confort and simplicity around your wrist.

Women bracelet

Delicate bracelet for mummy