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legal notice

euricabcn is set in Barcelona, Spain and can make, at any moment without notice, any change and updates in its information content on its website or in its configuration or display. euricabc will make everything possible to maintain its available information clear, understandable and avoid any mistake or error, and if necessary it will correct or amend them. However eurica cannot guaranty that all the information has not errors or it´s update regularly.

Intellectual property rights for the content, text, guides, corporate badges, images, etc. of this site are eurica´s property; and they are protected by the Spanish law and jurisdiction and by international and European applicable rules and regulations.

Any reproduction, distribution or alteration of this contents without proper authorization -except the law abiding situations for private and personal use-, will be consider as copyright or intellectual property breach of eurica or its author rights.

It is forbidden the total or partial reproduction, distribution, alteration or comertialization of any content of the web site without previous written authorisation by eurica. In order to use the editorial it´s necessary to mention euricabcn website as the owner of the used content, as long as the web site www.euricabcn.com as source of the information when correspond. In any case it should e notice by e-mail to info(at)euricabcn(.)com.

euricabcn is not responsible for any third party inappropriate content posted or any information provide to others from the web site. All content provide on this web site are for information purposes, so any mislead, harm or damage that could be procude by the user will be the users only responsibility and eurica reserves its right to

euricabcn no se responsabiliza del posible uso inapropiado que terceros realicen de esta página Web, ni de la información que a través de ella transmitan a terceros. Los contenidos proporcionados a través de esta página web tienen carácter meramente informativo, por lo que el uso que de estos pueda hacer el usuario y las eventuales consecuencias, daños o perjuicios que pudiesen derivarse, son de la exclusiva responsabilidad del usuario. euricabcn se reserva el derecho de ejercitar las acciones legales que considere oportunas derivadas de cualesquiera usos ilícitos por parte de terceros de los contenidos de su página web.

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