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Earrings for mommies

If you a re looking for the right gift, you are in the perfect jewelry online store. The ideal accessory among all the mother earrings we offer. Yurika bring you her best designs, originals, minimalists, seasonal or nonseasonal. You will be able to choose between unique designs and find matching earrings for your baby or daughter. They are the perfect gift for that special day, a weeding, mother´s day, your birthday, even for everyday. Wear them whenever you want, wherever you want. Exclusive designed earring affordable to all pockets.


Why buy women earrings?

Yurika designs and makes all the pieces by hand with durable and affordable materiasl. A wide variety of stiles hand made with a mother´s care. If you are looking for style and elegance, here you have found it, 14k gold filled* earrings with semiprecious stones. All our loops are designed from the love and care of a mother for er daughter, many all the collections have matching earrings for mammies and their babies. Made from the heart to share those happy moments.


*oro laminado de 14k gold filled


Enjoy your shopping!

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