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How to take care of 14k Gold Filled

eurica uses 14 karat gold-filled, which is a solid layer of 14kt gold bonded to the outside of a base metal such as brass. This process creates a material which is strong, resistant and durable to tarnish. It has a hundred or more times gold than gold plate, which makes 14 carat gold-filled an affordable and durable alternative to solid gold.

Where to store it

To reduce tarnishing, it is best to store your jewelry in a dry, airless environment (like a plastic bag). Avoid contact with chemicals from perfume, hairspray, lotion, etc. There are many jewelry cleaning products available, but tarnish can be easily removed with a solution of water and a few drops of a gentle dish-washing liquid.


Use warm water to rinse your jewelry and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth as tissues and paper towels may scratch the jewelry. Allow the jewelry to dry thoroughly before storing, as moisture could speed the tarnishing process. If your piece start looking dull, use a jewelry polishing cloth.

Allergy free

Our jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free, but if you have any problems, please contact us regarding the piece you are interested in, as some other components may be made of other materials.

You can find more information about 14k Gold Filled here.