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Moms bracelets

Are you the type who loves wears different jewels everyday? Do you need bracelets that you can wear for informal days, special occasions or events? In eurica we think the key is simplicity and delicacy. So we have original designed women bracelets with durable materials, simple and affordable. Here you will find delicate and simple bracelets that you can wear everyday or for special occasions. Spoiled yourself as mother, enter our online shop and choose your favourite original bracelet.

Why to buy moms bracelets?

Eurica pay attention to every detail on her designs and makes few pieces of each design to give to her pieces an almost exclusive meaning. Feel unique with our minimalist 14k gold filled
and semi precious stones bracelets. Every detail, design and the finishes delicacy make our jewellery ideal for mommies that should feel beautiful just for being a woman.


Enjoy your shopping!

In addition to women bracelets, we also have:


Are you looking for a great gift to your little one and wnat to share it with her? Do not look any further, we present you our bracelet collections for babies and girls.

Bracelets for babyPulsera para bebé

Bracelets for babies and girls


If you are looking for the perfect gift for you or a relative, here you can see our exquisite moms necklaces for women.

Women necklace

Necklace for women


Here you will find wonderful mother´s earrings. Some of our designs are also made in lower scale to match your daughter´s size.

Women earrings

Matching earrings for girls and their moms