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Matching jewellery for you
and your little one!

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PEARL collection

Every girl at any age needs pearls
in her jewellery box!

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BASIC collection

Perfect for daily use and special occasions.
Mariposa, freshwater pearls and more...


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  • Welcome to eurica
    eurica is a Barcelona-based brand specialized in babies, kids and moms+daughters jewellery items and collections. All items are designed and handmade by Yurika. Our collections are made for little girls who want to be just like their moms and wear beautiful jewelry. All of our pieces are created to grow with your little one, so all necklaces and bracelets have an extender chain that allows you to adjust the length. If you want to read more please check “our story”.
  • Who we are
    Yurika Nagase was born in Japan and spent her childhood and high school years in Belgium where she earned her first gemmology degree. After visiting several countries, she decided to live in New York after her first visit. There she studied Fine Arts and Jewelry Design at University. Before creating her own jewellery line, she worked as an assistant for several jewelry designers of New York and… If you want to read more please check “our story”.
  • What we do
    In this shop you will find affordable, handmade, delicate and pretty jewelry for little girls. At eurica, we use only high quality materials such as 14k gold-filled, semi-precious stones and real pearls. All of our handmade pieces are allergy free, no nickel or other harmful materials are used. Our final customers always come first, that’s why our jewellery is made from the parents perspective who desire to please their little ones protecting their skin.


Basic collection

basic collection

At eurica we make things simple for you. Check our basic collection and find the perfect piece for you. They are nice earrings, necklaces or bracelets that will be that special gift that you are looking for. Make your little ones happy by buying handmade jewellery at eurica.

Latest news


All our stories can be found here. Don´t miss out the latest news, tips and stories that eurica wants to share with you and your loved ones. From jewelry care to fund raising events. From materials to stones meaning. Anything you need to know about our adventure.


Baby, girls and their mothers jewellery online store

In this online shop you will find hand made jewelry for babies, girls and their moms. All the used materials are carefully selected by Yurika, who makes original ans almost exclusive designs. Here you will discover a wide variety of jewels: pendants, loops, bracelets, earrings, anklets, necjlaces, etc.



Earrings for girls

Earrings for girls and babies

We make the more elegant ans sophisticated baby earrings, endless loops and earrings for girls. Perfects for newborn babies, baptism and communions.


Women earrings

Matching earrings for girls & their moms

Spoil yourself with one pair of our women earrings. Also, we make matching pieces for you you and your little daughter.


Girl necklaces

Necklaces for girls

Dress your neck with our fantastic girl necklaces collection. Original designs pendants for babies. Delicate jewelry pieces for your little one´s neck.


Women necklace

Necklaces for women

Necklace simple designs for mothers and their daughters. Feel unique with our original designs. This is the perfect gift for that special occasion, only for you!


Baby bracelets

Bracelet for babies and girls

Choose among our 14k gold filled and pearls bracelet exclusive designs. A wide variety of bracelets for babies and girls that you could present in any birthday.


Women bracelets

Delicate bracelet for mom

Simple, delicate and exclusive designs for your wrist. You will be able to wear our women bracelets whenever you want, everyday o in a special occasion.

Euricabcn, the jewelry online shop for girls who want to be like her moms

Baby jewellery are more than a simple garnish or accessory. They are a love declaration for the families who want to share the union tie between them and their most loved being.

That´s why in eurica we create jewelry for babies from the mother and daughter point of view. There is nothing more beautiful than the family bound.

So check around our online shop, where you will find the best girl necklaces, bracelets and earrings selection. Minimalist pendant designs, loops and bracelets for babies and their mommies.

Why eurica is more than only baby jewelry

Eurica´s passion goes further than the own jewellery. Yurika´s designs have been inspired year after year by her daughter and her son. Making her to pay attention to every detail, using your love being skin harmless materials. Like using silicon clasps to protect your baby´s little ears. Yurika, in addition to being mother, she´s expert in semi precious stones and 14k gold filled. Respecting and securing your most little ones´ skin care. Being able to offer original designs to give away to your most loved beings


Welcome to euricabcn.com